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Bid farewell to commission fees, allowing your business to thrive and maximising your earnings

Manage orders in real-time with our intuitive dashboard, streamlining your operations for enhanced efficiency

Effortlessly establish a captivating online presence, showcasing your menu and engaging with a broader audience.

Provide a seamless ordering experience for your customers with Mealzo's user-friendly interface, ensuring easy navigation and increased customer satisfaction

Explore innovative marketing initiatives with Mealzo, such as virtual events, themed promotions, and interactive campaigns to captivate your audience

Offer secure and diverse payment options for your customers, ensuring convenience and a smooth transaction process

Tailor promotions and discounts to suit your business needs, attracting attention during peak hours or introducing new menu items

Easily manage and update your menu items, prices, and descriptions in real-time, adapting to changing customer preferences and seasonal offerings

Stay informed with real-time notifications for new orders, ensuring prompt preparation and delivery for a seamless customer experience

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We ensure each order contributes to your continuous growth. Unleash the full potential of your takeaway or restaurant with Mealzo – bid farewell to commission headaches and welcome amplified profits. Step into the future of online ordering with Mealzo, the platform designed exclusively for establishments like yours.

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