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Our Mission

For Mealzo, our mission is to empower local takeaways and restaurants. We're committed to revolutionising the food orders industry by providing a zero-commission platform. We want to help our partners save more of their hard-earned money, offering personalised branding solutions and innovative ordering technology. Mealzo believes we are creating a community where local businesses thrive, customers enjoy convenience. and the taste of great food knows no bounds. Join us in reshaping the future of dining - one where everyone benefits!

Our Vision

We are dedicated to offering our customers the latest cutting-edge technology. Our determination drives us to keep our team consistently updated, guarantees the delivery of top-notch service and support. Recognising the challenges facing local takeaways and restaurants, we strive to develop effective solutions. We aim to assist our partners in shining brightly amongst their highly competitive industry.

Our Goal

Our aim is to assist business owners in preserving more of their hard-earned money by eliminating commissions. At Mealzo, we strive to distinguish local businesses from large chain restaurants and promote their unique brand identity by offering personalised websites and applications. We are committed to delivering top-notch services for both our partners and their customers.

Our Story

In the beginning of our journey, we set out to change how technology works. We started by creating advanced software solutions for even the most unique businesses. This in turn grew into a focus on innovation and helping these businesses adapt to the changes they faced every day.Over time, we went beyond this software, recognising the unique challenges faced by local eateries, we leapt into this with both feet, creating custom websites and apps for our partners. With ZoPortal, our all-in-one app, we grew the power of our partners to harness their finances and control their business from their phone. This became the basis for Mealzo - an online ordering platform that changed the status quo by not charging a commission.We began to offer hardware products, developed from the ground up to be the centre of our partners' businesses, from order management to card payments. Today we are the biggest commission-free food ordering platform in the UK.But our story isn't over yet... join us to become part of our revolution!

Our History