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Effortless transactions await with our cutting edge Card Terminal

Secure your payments with ease

In a dynamic marketplace where swift and secure transactions are paramount, our sleek new card terminal emerges as the ultimate solution for businesses seeking operational efficiency. Say farewell to the complexities of transactional payment methods and embrace a future where transactions are not only smooth but also adaptive to the unique needs of your enterprise.

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Integration with Mealzo's EPOS Systems

This powerful integration creates a harmonious ecosystem, allowing you to manage transactions with ease

Wireless Connectivity

Unlike traditional card Terminal, those equipped with wireless connectivity liberate businesses from the constraints of fixed locations.

Accuracy Guarantee

This feature is designed to ensure confidence in businesses and customers that the information exchanged during a payment transaction is precise, reliable, and error-free.

Fixed Transaction Fee

The fixed transaction fee ensures uniformity in the processing cost for all types of cards. This pricing model provides businesses with predictability in their transaction costs.

Tap, swipe, and contactless payments

Ability to collect input on-screen

WiFi connectivity

Integration with Mealzo's EPOS system

Wireless Connectivity

Simplicity and Transparency

Consistency Across Card Types

Predictable Costs

Consistency Across Card Types