Electronic Point of Sale (EPOS)

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Transform Your Business with Mealzo's EPOS Innovation

Seamless Transactions, Precision Analytics, and Innovative Solutions for a Streamlined Path to Success’

Explore the future of business management with Mealzo's EPOS solution. Crafted for efficiency, precision, and innovation, our device streamlines transactions and delivers in-depth analytics. Elevate your business with our system for a seamless and empowered experience.

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Driver Management

Mealzo's Epos simplifies food order management for restaurants, allowing easy assignment of orders to different drivers.

Temperature Control

The Temperature Control feature of Mealzo Epos helps takeaway and restaurant owners maintain impeccable food quality standards.

Different Payment Methods

Mealzo's Epos offers versatile payment options, including cash, card, and payment links, enhancing the dining or takeaway experience.

Order Management

Mealzo's Epos simplifies order handling for takeaway and restaurants, ensuring a smooth workflow and happy customers.

Intuitive Interface for Effortless Navigation

Navigation Consolidating

Online and Offline Orders

Diverse Options for Cash, Card, and Payment Links

Efficient Management and Updates

Offline Mode for Continuous Functionality

Smart Analytics and Reporting